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Ten Causes of Teeth Sensitivity
17 Jul 2014

Teeth sensitivity often restricts us from relishing food to fullest. Listed below are, ten faulty practices mentioned by dentists.

Get Sparkling White Teeth with a Wonderful Teeth Whitening Solution
Michael Viscione 07 Jan 2017

When it comes to keep personal hygiene and maintaining great appearance, the teeth remain to be the integral part of any person’s persona. A glowing smile with great teeth leaves a great impression on the other people with whom you interact with. People are quite conscious about having white teeth. Stains on teeth are certainly a big turn off when it comes to personal relationships as it signifies the lack of sincerity at the personal level. Today’s market is full of various teeth whitening solutions which provide instant teeth whitening to the customer in small amount of time. Teeth whitening strips remain to be among the best method to keep your teeth without any stains. They have quickly generated huge customer following as this method has provided perfect solution for dental hygiene.

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