Teeth sensitivity often restricts us from relishing food to fullest. Listed below are, ten faulty practices mentioned by dentists.
Like having a cool mint fresh breath and using mouthwash all day? We would suggest you to stop doing it as too much use of minty mouthwash in a day leads to sensitive teeth. Instead, ask for non-alcoholic / neutral fluoride rinse from your doctor. Ensure using only twice a day.
Are you consuming food containing high acids? Well, no tomatoes / citrus/juice / soda to be, consumed in high quantities as the acid level among these are too high.
Too much of peroxide-based bleaching i.e. toothpaste with excess whitening content, can lead to sensitivity issue.
Gums too face in recession problem! This happens when you brush too hard and use toothbrush with hard bristles.
Very frequent and excessive dental care too leads to tooth sensitivity. It is nice to take care of your dental hygiene and well-being but unnecessary dental works are not advisable.
Gridding your teeth way too much will give rise to sensitivity as there is high pressure exerted on nerves, which erodes enamel.
Conclusion /Resources
By avoiding such bad habits and consulting your dentists in UK about your sensitive tooth problems, you can say good-bye to sensitivity.
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