Root Canal Treatment

When there is a decay or injury to tooth the pulp, (blood vessels, and nerves) become infected and spread all over to the root canal. In order to prevent your tooth from being removed a root canal or endodontic treatment is, performed. The tooth is, removed only when the infection spreads deep inside root canal causing the area near your tooth to inflate and gather puss. Usually, in initial stages one may not realize there is infection only when it spreads you get a severe tooth pain, in some cases tooth colour darkens. The motive of treatment is to eradicate infection from the root by cleaning and filling the hollow space to prevent from any future infection. It is a three sitting process where first your impacted tooth area is cleaned. Then at second seating, your tooth shaped and a temporary filling is, done and finally in last visit when your infection is completely gone then tooth is, filled with a permanent filling. The procedure mostly is less painful as anesthesia is, given by dentist prior surgery.

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