Privacy Policy for Users
Intertec Data Solution owns website. As defined by Companies Act 2006 in section 1159 the terminology “OUR” means Dentists in UK i.e. and Dentists in UK mobile. Term ‘our online services’ includes both our website and mobile website services. Anyone using our online service from a mobile/tab/desktop or any gadget we would call you a ‘user’ in this policy. We are dedicated in safeguarding and valuing your privacy. This privacy policy for users lists how we utilize your personal information when you use any of our online services to find businesses; this policy is applicable to you.

To provide you with our products and services, we may need information about you.

If you use our websites, you are in control of what information we collect about you, but if you choose not to share your information, you may not be able to access or use some areas of our websites.

This policy makes clear
A) Information we gather about you and how we gather
In order to offer you our products and services we may require information about you and you control in what information we gather concerning to you in case you opt not to share your information then you may not be able to use some areas of our website.

1) How we gather information about you
We gather information about you
• when you use our online service
• when you place order for our directory or any other service / product
• sign up and create a account ( for writing reviews you need to create a account with us)
• use any referral or recommended feature on our website example when you email any of our business /listing information to a friend via ‘ send- –to –a –friend’ option
• ask or use our mobile service
• when you request details through our directory enquiry services
• write us a testimonial or feedback
• when you comment/ share any of our blogs / articles mentioned on Dentists in UK
• when you opt in for surveys , any promotions or contest
• we may use information sourced from third parties with whom we have business association

2) What information we gather

Information we gather and store about you includes
• Your First , Middle , Last Name, date of birth
• Your contact numbers – Phone , Mobile ,Fax
• Your mailing details – Address , email address
• Ip address , cell ids and other user location information example GPS
• Your searches – location , business and other criteria’s searched
• Security details – Password, Answer to the security questions and any information, which you provide us when you write to us or contact in.

3) Why we require your email address
• We use your email address for admin purpose Example – When you forget your password we email you on your given email address
• For added security
• To communicate and connect with you:
      o When you place order with us
      o When you avail / buy any products and service via us
      o To seek your confirmation on any changes you make , any details you submit , any offer or service you avail
    o We may also use to bring you news/offer/special discounts or any direct marketing we think you might be interested in.
• Direct marketing preferences are manageable to know more refer our managing direct marketing section.

4) Use of cookies and on device storages

Cookies are the information files stored on your computer that enables a website to remember you. It adds to a website memory bank. Our business partners and we gather information pertaining to your usage of our websites via cookies. To know more in detail about how we use cookies and opting out please go through our cookie policy [*Note the same is applicable to your mobiles even they store in our cookies through on device storage].

B) Usage of information we gather from you

1) When you are using our website
When you share information about you with us while using our website, we use this information for the purposes mentioned in our
• user privacy policy
• on data entry forms
• any applicable terms and conditions
• pages and emails linked to data entry forms

2) When you use in keyword search tool

• A dentist in UK keyword search tool permits you to search the keywords that are used to locate businesses listed on our website.
• We gather information from all those who use our keyword search tool.
• While you use this tool, we record your email address. Email Address stored is used to monitor and identify your activities, which forbidden under our conditions of use for online service.

3) When you browse on

• When you use our website, your computer saves up to last five searches through cookies.
• We store the area you hunt in Example – Postal Code, Location, and Geographic Area, which, allows you to make your searches next time without re-entering your location each time.
• Other activity information of yours is gathering such as:
o Your Ip address
o Type of browser used by you
o How long are you on our site and how many times you access it
o The referring url – the website you approach from to our website
The information is gathered from ample of visitors visiting our website and analyzed which helps us in knowing what kind of people use our website. It helps in to improvise services we offer. Information does not allow you to be identified.
We may share unidentified statistics about users to reputable organizations but information provided by us will exclude details, which will allow the organizations to identify you. To know more go via cookie policy.

4) Customizing targeted adverts and our online services

The information given by you, about yourself at time of registration or any of our online services / information gathered by us through cookies while you browse your interests; may be used to ensure you are provided with ads, which interest you and keep you informed about latest offers / discounts so you can avail them timely.

5) Track usage of our online services

We gather activity information on our online services or use other companies to gather and share information with us so that:
• We are able to keep a track of what pages, online services, and paths visited, used by users.
• Analytics Statistics
• We can do target advertising on offers / discounts / banners about our services or other online service companies.
• Tracking use of linked online banner advertisements and various other links available via our marketing partner’s website to our website.

6) Mobile website services

Kindly note we would add a unique identifier to your phone number so that our website can work on your mobile as well easy to monitor. We would save in basic mobile device information – your mobile number, handset model number, and network operator. Details pertaining to your searches, time and date, route will be stored with us in order to analyze how users use and to improvise user experience. We will save your mobile ids / GPS measurements to assist you with the services you have requested as well any other information, which we feel, would interest you.

7) Reach on Net
For advertising our customer’s services / products, we use website of other companies. On clicking any of these adverts, you will be visiting our customer’s website and your IP address will be recorded with us for purpose of monitoring advertisements effectiveness.

8) Direct Marketing
We provide you an opportunity to receive important news / offer from us about all our goods and services with direct marketing. Examples: Any update / change in using our online services or any introductory offer for new services or Special Plans and discounts on existing products and services which you may be interested in. We would ask in if you would like to obtain our direct marketing when you:
o Sign up for our services
o Register for any promotions / opt in any conquest

We may contact you via text message, post, and email; as well send direct mailers through email only if we have your email address.
If you intend to stop getting the direct marketing mailers, we provide you simple ways where you can request us to stop them by unsubscribing. As well if you have sign up for an account with then you can manage your preferences by logging into your account.

9) Commenting on our online Blogs/News/ Articles

All those who are willing to submit comment on blog/News/Articles showcased on our website we may or may not use them for our offline / online marketing. In case we use, then your name would be displayed besides your comment and email address will only be used for contacting you. Email address will not be published.

10) Feedback and Testimonials

Feedback and Testimonials from users / businesses helps us to improvise our services and products. In addition, we would use these for promoting our services and business both online / offline. We would seek your permission prior publishing it.

11) Survey for users
We would ask our users a short survey to know their opinion on using services and products provided by us. While conducting surveys we use cookies and save them on your storage devices to gather information. We would ensure your survey results would not identify you or anyone who fills the survey.

C) Contacting you
We may contact you when:
Any information requested by you, for answering your request
Inviting you for participating in surveys / contests
Have opted for receiving information by us
Have submitted feedback / testimonial, in order to discuss and publish the feedback / testimonial
Marketing products and services until you ask us to stop (Refer direct Marketing section).

D) With whom we may share your personal information

We may share your information with other companies in order to cater you with the goods and services you have ask for. We may share information with:
Other companies of our group
• Companies into data processing, email houses and several third parties working on our behalf.
• Universities, schools, and students into research and development
• Agencies that set trading standards and Government Organizations

E) Updating your personal information
You can update your personal information and details by writing to us; kindly mention your old details too in your request.

F) Securing Information
We use in security systems and polices that are specially designed to keep your personal information secured. We abide strict security measures and laws when it comes to saving, using, and sharing information provided by you to prevent it from any unauthorized use.

G) Being linked to other websites
Our services only includes hyperlink to the websites, which are owned by other companies. These websites work on their own and have their policies, procedures, security. We only provide them a platform to list their goods & services and are not at all responsible for any products, services rendered by them or any cookies, / privacy policies practiced by these organizations. When you use the websites, it is at your own RISK.

H) Cookie Rejection
You can always mange your cookie preferences either accept / reject them. For more details, check our cookie policy.

I) Rights you control under personal information

You need to specify and ask us for not to use your personal details for marketing. We would usually let you know if we are using them for marketing purposes / planning to pass to any organizations. To know more read managing direct marketing section. You can make a request to our data officials to share a copy of your personal information stored with us by paying a fee £15. You have a right to see certain basic information stored about you.

Right to update, edit, and review personal information all you need to do is write to us. Those who have signed up with us can edit their information directly by logging into their accounts.

J) Changes in privacy policies
We update the policy at timely intervals, those who will to know about it each time would have to submit their personal details or make use of our website.

K) Contacting us in regards to privacy police You can write to us at  Intertec Data Solution
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